The history of the Polish Society of Sensor Technology

At the end of 1991, on the initiative of professors Ryszard Jachowicz and Władysław Torbicz, a team of 27 Polish scientistic developed in February 1992 a report on the state of development and applications of sensors in Poland. This report was submitted to the Committee for Scientific Research. Sensory topics received support from various KBN bodies. This team was an initiative group for the establishment of the Polish Sensor Society. The formal formation of the Society took place at its Founding Meeting during the Conference Optoelectronic and Electronic Sensors (COE'92) in Zegrze on 27 May 1992. On 5 November 1992 PTTS was registered under number Rst 1953 in the Provincial Court in Warsaw. The first president of the Society become prof. dr inż. Edward Stolarski, who held this position for four consecutive two-year terms until his death on March 18, 1999. It is worth emphasizing the great involvement of the President of the Society in the initial phase of PTTS's activity. The next Presidents were:

  • prof. Władysław Torbicz for the term of 1999-2004,
  • prof. Tadeusz Pisarkiewicz for the term of 2004-2012,
  • prof. Ryszard Jachowicz for the term of 2012-2016,
  • prof. Jan Dziuban for the term of 2016-2018.

The most important goals of the Society at that time included developing and propagating knowledge in the field of sensor technology through:

  • initiating and conducting research,
  • developing cooperation between science and industry,
  • organizing and participating in seminars and scientific conferences,
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific societies,
  • supporting initiatives for publishing books and magazines in the field of sensor technology,
  • editing the PTTS bulletin.

PTTS bulletin was 4 page insert titled Sensor technology” published in the monthly journal "Elektronika" since 1993. It contains scientific and technical articles, information about new products in the field of sensor topics and information about the Society. The Bulletin was sponsored by the Scientific Research Committee for many years.

The tradition introduced by the first President, prof. Stolarski, become organization of open meetings of the PTTS Main Board in various research and development centers. Representatives of the hosts took part in the meetings. The meetings were accompanied by scientific seminars where members of the Board and hosts gave speeches on selected topics related to sensors.

For many years, PTTS has been supporting the publication of books devoted to sensor related topics. For example:

The published books were sponsored by the Scientific Research Committee.

PTTS was a co-organizer of the following international Scientific Conferences:

  • 26th European Conference on Solid State Transduces EUROSENSORS XXVI - Cracow 9-12 September 2012. Chairman - prof. Jan Dziuban. Main organizer - Wrocław University of Technology.
  • 11th European Conference on Solid-State Transducers EUROSENSORS XI  - Warsaw 21-24 September 1997. Chairman - prof. Ryszard Jachowicz. Main organizer - Warsaw University of Technology.
  • 12th International Vacuum Microelectronics Conference, IVMC Darmstadt – Wrocław 6-9 July 1999. Co-chairman - prof. Jan Dziuban.


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